Tring was one big  street party in 2017 with over twelve streets having ‘Big Lunch’ street parties in June. Why not organise one on your street this year?

Most street parties in 2018 will happen as a community Big Lunch on a Sunday in June, or for the Royal Wedding in May.  But you can choose a date that suits you. Get in touch with the local contact, Rob Schafer, using the contact form below. We’ll send you an info pack containing all you need to get started.




It’s all about the bunting! Tring Mayor Stephen Hearn celebrates the launch of along with Eamonn Borg-Neal from The Akeman, and Longfield Road residents, one of  several Tring streets that have an annual street party.


If you would like to contact us about a street party in Tring please use the form below…