For most FAQ’s about street parties please see the excellent FAQ section at The Big Lunch.

We’ve put a few specific FAQ’s together, but if your question isn’t covered then get in touch!


I want to get to know my street (or get my kids playing out) but it may be impractical for us to close the road. What else can I do?

Lots! Street parties are a very good way to kickstart a sense of community but there are many other things you can do
A street party doesn’t have to involve closing the road.

If you live in a cul de sac you may be able to hold a street party informally without a road closure. We suggest you check with your neighbours that they are happy with this.

You may have a green area or other amenity space which you could host a party on.

If you or another neighbour is willing you could hold the party in your garden, or in a community hall, or have a street picnic in the park – you are only limited by your imagination!

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I love the idea of Playing Out schemes – how can I apply

We love them too! At the moment there is just one play street in Herts, and a couple (that we know of) in Oxfordshire but there are several hundred nationwide (including over 80 in Bristol, the home of ‘Playing Out’). You can check if your local authority supports playing out by visiting www.playingout.net/near-you.

Unlike a street party which has a fairly straightforward application procedure, in Herts and Bucks at the moment there is no simple application you can make to hold monthly street play sessions: we hope that this will change in the near future. In the meantime though we suggest the best way to make this happen on your street is, again, to hold a street party to gather support for the idea and show that it can work, then get in touch with your county councillor. His or her support can definitely make this happen. Why not invite them along to your street party?


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