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Here’s what happened on one street after a street party:

Wouldn’t it be great if our streets were more than just the place where we park our cars.

If, maybe even just once a year, they became a space where we could get to know the other people that live near us, and kids could get to play out, learn to ride their bikes and enjoy the kinds of play and community that most us took for granted.

We want to support people who want to strengthen their street community, and the easiest way to do this is by helping people to apply and organise a street party.

People who have done that usually say what an amazing experience it has been and has changed how they see their street. Some people have gone on to have regular short road closures for ‘Playing Out schemes’. Others simply create new friendships and community spirit.


Currently you can close a road once a year for a street party. People often organise one for the ‘Big Lunch’ in June but you can choose any date.


In most areas it is by an online application to your local authority. You normally need to give 8-10 weeks notice. In most areas there is no charge as long as you are not a main road or bus route.

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